Sambal Goreng Ati Mango Recipes

Still presents a variety of side dishes combined with mango. This time  it was Sambal Goreng Ati Mango Recipes and Very interesting to try.
100 gr of mango, diced, boiled until tender.
100 gr chicken livers, boiled until cooked, cut into small pieces.
3 pieces of peeled potato cut into long, serrated, FRY until done.
2 pieces of bay leaf
3 grated galangal, finger segments
Salt and granulated sugar to taste
Oil for sauteing
Subtle seasoning:
8 grains of red onion
5 cloves of garlic
3 grains candlenut
8 pieces of red chilli
Fried onions
Nasi uduk
How to make:

Saute seasoning smooth, galangal, and Bay leaves until aromatic.
Stir in the mango, ati, potatoes,  granulated sugar, and saltmix well. Cook untilseasoning infuse, set aside.
Serve with  supplementary Hor and fried onions.

Braga Bandung Restaurants Serve Ice Cream Studded Raisins

No other city will look at Indonesia, Bandung also features a host of culinary delightsand tempt the appetite of visitors. This time, the diner town named hibiscus restaurantserves ice cream Scenic Braga with a look so pretty.

Restaurant Braga sell ice cream with sprinkles of raisins toping. Restaurant Braga BragaStreet no. 15, Bandung, West Java. The place is very convenient which is near the tourist area of Braga. Here visitors can sample a selection of ice cream like Coupe la Maison, Hawaiaan Queen, Rhum Raisin, and much  more.

Among the variations of ice cream that is served in this  restaurant, there's one namethat ice cream became a  mainstay on the menu this place to eat. Named Rhum Raisinice cream. This is ice cream served in a coconut shell.

Process serving of Rhum Raisin coconut water that was issued in advance of the shell.Coconut shell is cut and then just left the coconut meat in it. These included shells thatshare a variant of ice and ingredients complement. Alhasi, Rhum Raisin has a softtexture of coconut meat mixed with ice cream.

Rhum Raisin consists of 3 scoop of ice cream with the flavor of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The ice cream is served with rhum, whipe cream and sprinkles of raisins, asreported by the Compass, Monday (22/9/2014)

Rhum Raisin sold at quite affordable i.e. Rp 28,000. On average, the price of ice creamin the restaurant range from Braga to Rp 18,000 up to Rp 35,000. While eating a sweetcold ice cream, visitors can also see beautiful landscapes such as the old buildings inthe tourist area of Braga.

Guaranteed, you will not be bored berkuliner at this place. Well, what about JBers?Tertarikkah You?

Corn vegetable fritter that teases the tongue, recipes Easy Bingit Sekali TU!

The combination of sweet corn produces  vegetable fritter that is very special. It tastesdelicious, will definitely excite your taste buds. Vegetable fritter recipe this one is obliged to try.
2 sweet corn, combed
2 pieces dipipil, sweetcorn, crushed
100 grams white flour
2 eggs, beaten off
2 sprigs cilantro finely sliced
1/4 teaspoon chicken bouillon powder
3 red chillies, sliced his
1 tablespoon water
oil for frying
Subtle Seasoning:
2 grains of red onion
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper powder
1/2 teaspoon granulated sugar
The Way Of Processing:
Mix sweet corn, flour, eggs, cilantro, chicken  bouillon powder, red cayenne pepper,and water. Mix well.
Sendokkan mixture of sweet corn with vegetable ladle into  heated oil over medium heat.
FRY until browned and cooked yolk.
Note: for 15 pieces

Cake Recipes: How To Make A Delicious Cheese Potatoes Pukis Snacks

will try to help the mother all to provide an  alternative to make a special cake and also delicious. On the basis of quotations obtained from a recipe online, Friday (26/9/2014),sisidunia try to give cake recipe Potato Cheese Delicious Pukis.
In make it indeed it takes patience and diligence, but also we are sure you all motherssurely would not have trouble. Here below we will give your recipes and also steps tomake it.
1 teaspoon instant yeast
50 ml warm water
3 eggs
1/4 teaspoon salt
125 g caster sugar
225 g plain flour proteins are
100 grams of steamed potatoes, mashed
100 ml coconut milk from 1/2 grains of coconut
15 grams of margarine, melted
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla essence
100 grams of cheese, cut in lenght
Step make it dissolve first instant yeast with warm water, and let stand until foamy.While meunggu blender is first boiled potato until soft.
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Cake Recipes: How To Make A Tasty Cheese Molen Banana
Then beat in the eggs, salt, and sugar until fluffy, then add the flour which has beensifted. Shake it back slowly, with low speed, all the while inserting potato dilembutkanof yesteryear.
Add yeast that has been silenced solution into the dough, stir it back slowly. After thefirst let sit for approximately 30 minutes until fluffy.
Then after expanding an already melted stir in margarine and vanilla, then stir theessens back. Pour the batter into the mold pukis, who has dipanas in advance and alsosmeared margarine. Grilled half-cooked, then the piece of cheese he ats pukis, coveragain and leave to mature. Do so on until the dough runs out. Pukis delicious cheesePotatoes are ready to be served