Sambal Goreng Ati Mango Recipes

Still presents a variety of side dishes combined with mango. This time  it was Sambal Goreng Ati Mango Recipes and Very interesting to try.
100 gr of mango, diced, boiled until tender.
100 gr chicken livers, boiled until cooked, cut into small pieces.
3 pieces of peeled potato cut into long, serrated, FRY until done.
2 pieces of bay leaf
3 grated galangal, finger segments
Salt and granulated sugar to taste
Oil for sauteing
Subtle seasoning:
8 grains of red onion
5 cloves of garlic
3 grains candlenut
8 pieces of red chilli
Fried onions
Nasi uduk
How to make:

Saute seasoning smooth, galangal, and Bay leaves until aromatic.
Stir in the mango, ati, potatoes,  granulated sugar, and saltmix well. Cook untilseasoning infuse, set aside.
Serve with  supplementary Hor and fried onions.