Braga Bandung Restaurants Serve Ice Cream Studded Raisins

No other city will look at Indonesia, Bandung also features a host of culinary delightsand tempt the appetite of visitors. This time, the diner town named hibiscus restaurantserves ice cream Scenic Braga with a look so pretty.

Restaurant Braga sell ice cream with sprinkles of raisins toping. Restaurant Braga BragaStreet no. 15, Bandung, West Java. The place is very convenient which is near the tourist area of Braga. Here visitors can sample a selection of ice cream like Coupe la Maison, Hawaiaan Queen, Rhum Raisin, and much  more.

Among the variations of ice cream that is served in this  restaurant, there's one namethat ice cream became a  mainstay on the menu this place to eat. Named Rhum Raisinice cream. This is ice cream served in a coconut shell.

Process serving of Rhum Raisin coconut water that was issued in advance of the shell.Coconut shell is cut and then just left the coconut meat in it. These included shells thatshare a variant of ice and ingredients complement. Alhasi, Rhum Raisin has a softtexture of coconut meat mixed with ice cream.

Rhum Raisin consists of 3 scoop of ice cream with the flavor of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The ice cream is served with rhum, whipe cream and sprinkles of raisins, asreported by the Compass, Monday (22/9/2014)

Rhum Raisin sold at quite affordable i.e. Rp 28,000. On average, the price of ice creamin the restaurant range from Braga to Rp 18,000 up to Rp 35,000. While eating a sweetcold ice cream, visitors can also see beautiful landscapes such as the old buildings inthe tourist area of Braga.

Guaranteed, you will not be bored berkuliner at this place. Well, what about JBers?Tertarikkah You?